cam (poemboy) wrote,

i don't want to grow older without music.

this thing some people are able to leave behind.
ah - but you, future, you sneaky concept,
i have plans for you.
to settle into you,
and to make you dance
and have my children climb all over you.
but the years will need names that
don't yet come to mind,

and look, you with the long hair, holding my hand,
when did we meet?
how did we make conversation?
what was my excuse for distracting you from your magazine?

names, they are a tricky one,
find one that doesn't reach for immediate rhymes
that doesn't taste ridicule sweet in your mouth,
like sand in your socks. half an hour till school finishes.
jellybeans from the teacher for being good.

oh, here, just take my past and go for a walk,
lie in the park with it, ask it witty questions for an
interview in a magazine.

my shoes look good next to yours - wanna settle down?
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