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3/16/04 04:08 pm - informative (for a change)

i have 3 assignments due for 3 different papers and they are all being manipulated so that they relate to the treaty and the current status of the treaty in new zealand politics and law - sweet.

i also have to write and perform a whaikorero.
know what a whaikorero is?
its the speech which the tane perform on the marae, on the paepae during a powhiri - its got to be 10 minutes long and i may also have to actually do it in a REAL powhiri.
how loud can you say S C A R E D ? ? ?

(if you did not understand any of the terms used above please message me for a brief lesson in te reo & tikanga maori)


oh - i'm listening to The Bled, their debut album called 'pass the flask' which will kick your ass out of your pants - check it out.

3/9/04 05:22 pm - a quote by Adrienne Rich

"What would it mean to live
in a city whose people were changing
each other's despair into hope?"

3/4/04 02:00 pm - degenerating

i forget

which is to say - this forum becomes invisible to me
while the people who see this stuff remain very real to me
though some more that others.

i got to skate outside parliament today - it ruled
and then we read poems on the front steps - yay for getting permission
it was a part of fringe festival thing organised by craig called the skateboard poets

this is the poem i read.
we (these people who write poems)
we are simply the poorest creditors
for original words.

we lie sometimes
but mostly cheat, mostly steal
words from mouths,
the ground you walked over so nonchalantly,
books - of course (but we have to be sneaky)

occassionally we might even take something
from slogans, cheap advertisements,
the cover of that magazine you held
in front of your face as
you sat across from me on the bus.


its an old one - i may have even posted it here before
who knows what i actually think of it now.

3/1/04 01:14 pm

todays lesson.

i watched, sitting on the concrete and gravel
with everyone else,
a boy dancing to the music
in his wheelchair

2/24/04 10:39 pm

is a rant.

don brash is unbelievable - he is trying to turn new zealand into australia. trying to scrap Te Puni Kokiri is like saying that the way oz has treated its aboriginal inhabitants is completely acceptable. i am appalled at the amount of support that this guy is getting - when he says that maori culture is invalid and when he says that 'we are all equal now". all he is talking about is money - maori affairs cost money and its not spent on whiteys, so its "inequality"
he's a clever man this Brash
it is clearly stated in the Bill of Rights that positive discrimination is not discrimination, this is in accordance with the international conventions on human rights.

its about justice.
the waitangi tribunal, te puni kokiri, the maori seats in parliament, the maori electoral role, the scholarships for maori
its all addressing the fact that the treaty of waitangi has been ignored. ever since the time when pakeha began to outnumber maori in the late 1890's the treaty has meant nothing. looking at government policy from even earlier and until as late as the 70's (even 80's) there was no acknowledgement of maori culture or what was PROMISED to them through the Treaty.in fact land was stolen through any number of methods, road legislattion, title transfer, maori land courts, government Acts

i am one pissed off pakeha

if this man becomes the next prime minister...
i have no words for the rage.

2/23/04 08:31 pm

i had my first shift at the city gallery today.
it was ...um... boring.
yep - but i did write a lot of stuff

so you are getting all of it - no editing(well, minimal)

on gallery sitting
(or, watching people, watch art)

a man cracks the bones in his back -
a sound heard from
as far away as 40 feet.
it makes me shiver

as soon as he is in the
room, he finds a seat.
she later joins him
and switches everything
from her old handbag
to her new one.

i become expecially concious of the
lines connecting me to everything in the room.
i stand next to a bench,
right at the end,
perfectly at 90 degrees with it.
my body has never been so tightly stretched
over architecture as now.

i like your 2 or 3
small steps
closer to the artists biography
when the other people

and i am going to use the line (or a variation of)
'the trick is this..."
in a song

i have fragments of copper in my hair.
it's been there since 7 o'clock.
my hands wrapped around an angle-grinder.

a quote to finish with
courtesy of Mr Colin McCahon;
"Most of my work has been aimed at relating man to man and man to his world,
to an acceptance of the very beautiful and terrible mysteries that we are part of.
I aim at very direct statement and ask for a simple and direct response, any other way the message gets lost"


oh and if you are in wellington - go to the city gallery
its full of work by Rosalie Gascoigne and it rules.

2/22/04 10:19 pm

an ode to clouds.

you are in lines today,
imitating big white(obviously), horses

my brother
tells me how he would best take
photos of you,
the kind of camera he would need,
the lens, filters.

at 21,000 feet
you are demanding my attention
(unless it is night,
in which case you are content
to simply keep me

I wonder how it was when
you were nameless, mysterious
although the variety of names you carry
are lost to me now.

I imagine you felt victim to some
to be understood, after so many
years of wonder.

2/22/04 10:15 pm

a good question today
"are your thoughts structured like this all the time?"

so this poem is for her.
and it goes out in the spirit of expression as something we cannot restrict.

you have
such restraint in those hands

thats all

the movement hardly
gets to your shoulders

your body doesn't know
your fingers want to dance.

2/17/04 01:01 pm

this needs to be written quickly,
the way the light eased itself in today,
without the sun
at all, it seemed.
my hair getting curlier
themore rain i walk through.
thinking the rain had stopped
when in fact, it had merely quietened.

talking to someone else who is
awake at the ludicrous
hour of 5:30 am.

missing the bus.
talking to a beautiful asian womanm
who must be someones grandmother,
at the lambton interchange.
bus driver & passenger relationships
- and their converstaions.

did i mention the light?
the rain
the earliness
a line from a song

2/4/04 07:21 pm - not mine

"Rich proposition, drastic economy, hours, beds,pronouns, no one.
No one is to blame.
Change the question.
We are mortal, blanced on a day, now and then
it makes sense to say Save what you can."

from "The Beauty of the Husband" by Anne Carson
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