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what do ya mean i never update my LJ????

Can contentment produce good poetry?
this is the question i would like you to answer
at the end of this.
there will be boxes to tick
and numbers, one of which you are to circle,
it will go from 0 to 10,
be honest with yourself, be honest with me.
I have tonight
new music,
a good essay to read,
slightly smokey pyjamas
my speaker facing onto the street.
Can contentment produce good poetry?
maybe the question should really be:
Have you been here?
lost at 9:30pm.
wandering through the house,
your short house,
from bedroom to kitchen,
with nothing to lay your hands on.
and then a phonecall,
and then a flatmate comes home early,
and then the sweet slow sound,
and then a bad recording from a bands practise room.
good poetry?
throw the questions aside
step back into an evening
that collapsed upon itself
like a cake
pulled from the cake too early.
but oh! it tasted still, so sweet.
the evening became so
mild within the wind
that sleep would have been the indulgence of thieves.
stay up with me a little longer.
we can't pretend this converstaion is done,
or that we really cared
for the questionnaire,
stay up with me a little longer,
we have so much left to talk about.
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