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10/7/04 01:07 pm

shadows are the same.
the ground had lost the warmth of body
moments after i got up and walked away,
the ground had cooled.
what could i have left there?
what evidence?

that same spot is pooling with water now,
as i sit in the computer room,
this also means that my bike will be wet.

did i leave anything behind?
mark a memory with a flag, with chalk,
can you walk into the same warmth i had,
the lack of wind,
the quiet song?

10/7/04 11:17 am - what do ya mean i never update my LJ????

Can contentment produce good poetry?
this is the question i would like you to answer
at the end of this.
there will be boxes to tick
and numbers, one of which you are to circle,
it will go from 0 to 10,
be honest with yourself, be honest with me.
I have tonight
new music,
a good essay to read,
slightly smokey pyjamas
my speaker facing onto the street.
Can contentment produce good poetry?
maybe the question should really be:
Have you been here?
lost at 9:30pm.
wandering through the house,
your short house,
from bedroom to kitchen,
with nothing to lay your hands on.
and then a phonecall,
and then a flatmate comes home early,
and then the sweet slow sound,
and then a bad recording from a bands practise room.
good poetry?
throw the questions aside
step back into an evening
that collapsed upon itself
like a cake
pulled from the cake too early.
but oh! it tasted still, so sweet.
the evening became so
mild within the wind
that sleep would have been the indulgence of thieves.
stay up with me a little longer.
we can't pretend this converstaion is done,
or that we really cared
for the questionnaire,
stay up with me a little longer,
we have so much left to talk about.

9/16/04 12:30 pm

"What we find beautiful accords with our most profound sense of how things ought to be. Ordinarily we live in a tension between our perceptions and our desires. When we encounter beauty, that tension vanishes, and outward and inward images agree"
Scott Russell Sanders

8/5/04 10:24 am

ah, spirit of protest
you are quiet as muffins.
rebellion, uprising, disentchantment
are all tucked into bed
like small children.
on your small badly written
placard i see
a number of grammatical errors,
but forget what it was that
you are opposed to,
however, you do stand outside a large
department store,
the name i recollect with ease.
(there's a sale on you know)
yes, Thank God for all those Law Students!
discussing politely the errors
of a breach of law in pursuit of
some attention or reform
or whatever there is to be united against.
my lecturer forgets his manners everyday,
leans his back against the blackboard,
the yellow letters of positivism
rubbing into his jacket.

7/29/04 09:31 am

an ode to/ Lambton Quay

you are full of men
in badly designed suits.
they have thrown together shirt, tie and
jacket, as if to provoke a reaction from each
at the company they must keep.

the people are walking fast as usual
and still have their 'i can cut you off
because i have important things to do' faces
on, it warms me today, to know they
have not changed,
that the rain has not spoilt their ardent
selfish hearts.

did i mention i love the bad suits?
oh they are wonderful, i love every beautiful one of them
with their receeding hairlines and bad shoes.

the lions beneath the war memorial arch their backs
with even greater determination today,
as if their stance had to in some way, combat
the attack of the spirits which comes with the heavy rain,
the intruding wind hurling the rain like spit.

the bus driver today, slowing down at the last possible
moment to avoid crashing into the back of a taxi, he was gorgeously impatient,
as if giving us all whiplash taught that awful
taxi driver a lesson.

so we sat there, passengers,
in our silences, in our avoiding stares
reading books or listening to CD's,
as the bus driver hurruph'ed at every minor inconvenience,
as the unkempt and badly suited walked past on the street,
as the lions maintained their encouraging posture,
and i don't think any one of them were enjoying it like i was.

7/19/04 05:41 pm

today, i realise i feel as if i am injuring someone or something when i use incorrect grammar - i was typing up my law notes
(yeah - law notes, yummy aye!) and i realised that when i had to fight the computer program to use my dirty abbreviations and slang (and this is quite often) i felt like i was writing a letter to someone and deliberately mispelling their name, its as if i was throwing mud in the english language's face, disrespecting the very words i rely on to communicate.
odd huh - if this blows up into full paranoia - i am sure you will know about it

7/16/04 12:04 pm

i don't want to grow older without music.

this thing some people are able to leave behind.
ah - but you, future, you sneaky concept,
i have plans for you.
to settle into you,
and to make you dance
and have my children climb all over you.
but the years will need names that
don't yet come to mind,

and look, you with the long hair, holding my hand,
when did we meet?
how did we make conversation?
what was my excuse for distracting you from your magazine?

names, they are a tricky one,
find one that doesn't reach for immediate rhymes
that doesn't taste ridicule sweet in your mouth,
like sand in your socks. half an hour till school finishes.
jellybeans from the teacher for being good.

oh, here, just take my past and go for a walk,
lie in the park with it, ask it witty questions for an
interview in a magazine.

my shoes look good next to yours - wanna settle down?

6/19/04 02:00 pm

unresponsive to medication
unfit for human consumption
strapped to a large vehicle of human emotions
a crown fit for a imaginative creator
imagining greater beginings
leaving out the small print
pinning down the insect steps
fill the museums with our historical decline
fragile songs with delicate movements
delineate to a composer
with strong wrists and a stronger will

set your mind like a clock
don't let it fall behind
be responsible - catch the bus on time

4/14/04 01:06 pm - for the sake of jealousy

i watched the documentary "meeting people is easy" on
radiohead and their crazy ok computer tour.
it's quite an intense hour & a half
but really lets you see how they were feeling throughout the whole ordeal.

and then i realised i will be seeing them in melbourne in 2 weeks time.

go on, hate me now, its ok

4/8/04 10:37 am

today -
your dead dead eyes.


something to be pissed off about
the Dominion Post cover title is:
Equal Rights for Pakeha"

its fucking absurd
but i won't bore you with the details but to say
this new legislation is a huge joke that also happens to breach fundamental human rights and international covenants
nice one
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